Astral Projection Tips

Astral projection is an exciting experience that takes you beyond your physical body. It is important to understand the theory behind this practice and the various approaches you can apply for a successful experience. Here are some astral projection tips you can use to get started.

Best Astral Projection Tips

1. Focus on Mornings

Mornings are the best time for an out of body experience especially for a beginner. This is when you are most focused. Most people are exhausted at the end of the day and this makes you more likely to fall asleep during the experience.

2. Set Goals

You need to have goals in terms of where you would like to travel to, what you will do, and who you want to interact before projecting. Clear goals will allow you to focus better and make your experience more real.

3. Develop your Chakras

Work on your chakras or inner energy before you begin the process. Learn your chakras and meditate to bring them out.

4. Protect Yourself

Take precautionary measures to ensure you are well protected during astral projection. Visualize a golden or white light around you. This light will offer divine protection and prevent other individuals from penetrating your space.

5. Remove Jewelry and Dress Light

Remove all forms of jewelry on your person including watches because they can interfere with the projection. You also need to wear light clothes. Find loose-fitting outfits and ensure the room is warm.

6. Relax

Astral projection can only happen when you are relaxed. Allow the experience to happen. Some people panic as soon as they feel a sinking sensation, making it impossible to achieve their goal. Keep calm and ensure you are in control of your actions, emotions, and thoughts. Overcoming fear will allow you to visit some of the most amazing sights.

7. Read Widely

Read as much as you can about astral projection. Look for experienced astral travelers and read about their journeys. This will give you an opportunity to learn several useful things about the experience. You can also find out about the best approaches to use from their stories. There are several astral travel books. The internet has also made it easier to get information about this phenomenon.

8. Find a Suitable Projection Approach

Astral projection differs from one individual to another. There are various techniques you can apply to experience this phenomenon. Explore as many approaches as possible until you identify one that works for you.

9. Practice and Be Persistent

Practice astral travel at every chance you get. You need to master the techniques to have an amazing experience. You also need to be persistent. Some people give up after a few tries. It may take a while before you have the out of body experience but it will be worth it when you do. You have to spend time to learn how it works to attain your desire. Do not give up after a few attempts.

Use these astral projection tips to travel to all the places you dream about. All it takes is practice and persistence.